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"Be the change you want to see in the world" 


The Mission

Saving the planet,
one tree at a time

By partnering with or donating to Plant a Tree in Iceland you can make a real difference. Your contribution will aid in the recovery of Iceland's fragile nature and in turn you help our planet's ecosystem.

The mission is big and our focus is on:

  • The fight against climate change

  • The reforestation of Iceland

  • The fight against soil erosion in Iceland

Number of trees donated


Donate Trees in Iceland

Did you know that Iceland is a prime location for tree planting in the fight against climate change?

In the early days, Iceland had 25-30% of its land covered with trees. Through time the trees disappeared, leaving only a small fraction of Iceland covered with trees. Hopes are that in 40 years from now, with reforestation efforts well underway, 2.5% of Iceland will be covered with trees. 


By donating trees to be planted in Iceland you help us with our mission to regrow the forests of Iceland and, in the process of reforestation, bind the soil where erosion has previously devastated the vegetation in Iceland.


Donate 10 Trees

Donate 10 trees to be planted by the team at Plant a Tree in Iceland


Donate 25 Trees

Donate 25 trees to be planted by the team at Plant a Tree in Iceland


Donate 50 Trees

Donate 50 trees to be planted by the team at Plant a Tree in Iceland

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Plant Trees in Iceland

Come join the team at Plant a Tree in Iceland and plant your own trees in Iceland

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